Why is the success of a female athlete more empowering in a developing nationEstimated reading time: 2 minutes

Why is the success of a female athlete more empowering in a developing nation

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2018 | By IndusInd Bank

As part of the Indian athletic contingent vying for glory in the Asian Games, the number of women athletes almost matches, if not surpasses the men. There is also this unique collection of stories, of courage, determination and special talent for overcoming obstacles. Let’s be honest, being a sports woman in India is tough, a fight against realities off the field as much as on it. But despite these circumstances, our women champions in Jakarta can’t be questioned on the lack of heart, or application.

In the last five years, what has been a welcoming sight is enmeshed in the incredible stories of these women. Stories of brands and companies who want nothing more than to see one of their own do well in front of a global audience. Whilst some of them have helped build facilities like Tata, that train our finest sportswomen, others have gone the scholarship and funding route like IndusInd Bank. The endorsement has been for fighters, competitors and game changers.

Many Indian brands have partnered with these wonderful women and done their bit to support them on their journeys – be it on the wrestling mat, the boxing ring or for Paralympians who have battled the odds twice over. There is no bigger validation than a gold medal, but we are confident in our knowledge that our athletes will make the nation proud.

To the rest of India, our request is a simple call to action: let us do all we can to celebrate our finest. It could be a Twitter retweet, or an interesting photo caption on Instagram, or even a rallying cry to those around us at school, home and at work. In the end, the little things matter. These women champions don’t ask much; let them not ask for our support.

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