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Mr. Romesh Sobti Managing Director & CEO of IndusInd Bank

Welcome to iBLOGS @ IndusInd Bank

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 | By Mr. Romesh Sobti

Digitisation of business has become the central theme of IndusInd Bank and we believe that within a span of few years, entire businesses and industries will be riding on the digital wave. Keeping pace with time, we will also continue to invest in digital to create a differentiated banking experience which will delight our customers.
According to statistics from January 2015, India has 243 million active internet users and there are 100 million active mobile social media accounts. Social media includes a host of technology platforms. Some of the most commonly used platforms are Blogging and Micro blogging. According to figures from 2014, more than 6.7 million people blogged via blogging sites and over 77% of internet users read blogs.

Knowing this, it would only be prudent for organisations to use blogs as a tool to reach out to consumers both new and existing. The best blogs are ones that are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other. If realised resourcefully, a banks blog and social media strategy can result in success for both enterprise and customers. Content customers also can be your social advocates, resulting in increased business.

Therefore, with the vision of a better and more informed tomorrow in mind, we are thrilled to introduce iBLOGS to you all!

iBLOGS stands for many things. The first amongst them obviously is IndusInd Blogs our initiative to talk about things we feel matter. It also stands for Innovation because we have conceived iBLOGS as a platform where we want to talk about not just innovations in the banking industry, but why innovation needs to be at the heart of every organizations philosophy today. Apart from Innovation, iBLOGS will talk about various themes such as Investments, Trends and Beyond Business.

The importance of Investments for financial institutions can never be undermined and therefore that was one of the things we wanted to talk about. We have always tried to assist public and private corporations raise funds in the capital market, both equity and debt, and would continue to do so.

We all want to stay updated about the latest trends in the BFSI industry. We always keep an eye out for current trends. And thats something we would like to talk about.

In order to evolve, change with time and technology, and better our service offerings, we would also need to stay in touch with the world at large. In our Beyond Business segment, we intend to do just that. We intend to move out of our microcosms and gain more knowledge about whats happening around.

Without any further ado, I would like to extend an invitation to all our stakeholders and customers to visit iBLOGS. You may be an employee or customer of IndusInd Bank, someone from the BFSI industry, an investor or a journalist, iBLOGS is for all of you. Come visit us and do give us your feedback.
Let the conversation begin.

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