How are women athletes making India proud on the Global stageEstimated reading time: 3 minutes

How are women athletes making India proud on the Global stage

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2018 | By IndusInd Bank

Young Indian female athletes are breaking long-standing records and delivering results and medals to consolidate the belief that we are making inroads in our fight for equality in all areas.

Indian women athletes are as capable as men on the track – a platform to flaunt their speed and power – than they’re as capable anywhere else.

While the country’s elite male athletes and sportspersons have won accolades around the world in recent years, with increased depth being built on a foundation of quality performances, the nation’s top women have been blazing the track, field and all other sport scenes for some time now.

Indian women athletes are often confronted with the lack of women-friendly education and sports facilities and equipment, such as lack of only-girls’ educational institutions and non-sporting institutes, which discourage them from further exceling in sport.

Likewise, misconceptions of girls participating in sports by parents, teachers, and coaches often dissuade them from playing sport even when they do have access.

And yet, India’s resilient sportswomen are defying these challenges, proving that they can achieve great success on and off the field, to script unprecedented stories of women empowerment using sports as a medium coequal the male athletes.

The growth and success of female Indian athletes on the global stage – whether it is in track and field, football, or gymnastics, shows that sports can be a powerful tool when it comes to breaking barriers and empowering women.

These extraordinary Indian female athletes have managed to materialize many of the dreams that even we cherish in our hearts but haven’t been able to nourish and let those dreams sprout up high. We get scared of what the society might say, we bring in a million negative probabilities that could stumble us down, and so, often we just limit our dreams because of things that aren’t even a major problem!

The spirit of #WinLikeAGirl has been embodied through these daughters of India. Their stories have inspired a generation and have truly transformed India into a strong female sporting nation.

In the modern era of sport, the role of corporate/brand becomes essential to enable the athletes, by identifying the right talent at the right age, and by nurturing that talent to make it competitive against the best in the world.

From training infrastructure, diet, support staffs, brand management the support of brands and corporates is imperative for the development of athletes, and that has been the success story with the emergence of key corporate players and brands willing to back athletes.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more that corporate brands and their partners can do to level the playing field for India’s athletes. Programs like the IndusInd Girl Power Program are committed to advocating the cause of women’s access to sports education, so that women and girls across the region have every advantage to advance and becomes future Olympians; future success stories in the Indian sporting world

With companies like IndusInd  Bank willing to share their support for Indian female athletes, using athletics as a medium for skill acquisition, girls across the region have every advantage to grace the podium, a testament to their athletic prowess to #WinLikeAGirl.

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