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Features and Benefits of FASTag

Posted on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 | By IndusInd Bank

If you had an option to zoom through a toll plaza without having to wait impatiently behind dozens of other vehicles, wouldn’t you become ecstatic at the idea? Thanks to FASTag, driving on national and state highways has become a hassle-free experience. Simply getting this tag attached to your vehicle lets you pass through a toll booth without having to fumble for change, as the amount automatically gets deducted from your prepaid account. This is the beauty of this Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which once activated, enables the toll booth to recognize the vehicle and apply charges accordingly.

What are the features of FASTag?

• The one-time joining fee and re-issuance fee of the tag is fixed at a low amount of INR 100, including GST charges
• Depending on the category of vehicle, a security deposit ranging from INR 200-500 is required
• To get the FASTag attached, simply approach the nearest IndusInd Bank branch with your KYC documents (original as well as photocopies), passport size photographs, and vehicle documents such as Registration Certificate. Remember: FASTag is issued separately for each vehicle, regardless of ownership
• The FASTag is attached to the front windscreen of the vehicle. It is valid for a period of five years, after which you can apply for re-issuance
• Once your FASTag is activated, you can recharge anytime, anywhere through Net Banking, Credit or Debit Cards
• Currently, the FASTag facility is available at more than 360 toll booths and plazas across National and State Highways, with more being added every day

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

• You will receive SMS alerts, notifying you of the toll booth you passed and the amount deducted. Such alerts are also sent when your prepaid account balance runs low
• You will have a seamless digital payment experience: no more fumbling for cash every time you drive
• Up to 31st March 2019, toll payments made using FASTag are eligible for a cashback of up to five percent
• You can conveniently recharge online
• You will save on fuel charges and time as waiting periods get reduced dramatically
• Centralized monitoring and better management of highways benefit everyone in the long run
• Environmentally too, the FASTag scores high. Smooth traffic management brings down air pollution, and digital payments reduce paper usage and hence, save trees

FASTag is increasingly transforming the way people drive in India. Apply for FASTag today and experience its myriad benefits.

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